Our Technology, Your Concept.


Revolutionary technology

 Our revolutionary technology enables us to build verticals in any market tailor made and/or in white label format.
The diversified possibilities create a vertical within every business thanks to the sophisticated White Label Flexible Software Solution (Datech’s WLFSSTM).

The verticals are many and our clients range from many sectors:

  • Communication
  • Financial currency
  • Trading

But also

  • Auctions
  • Shopping
  • Price comparisons
  • Insurance brokering and so on.

Moreover, our unique two-tier partner system enables your business-to-business customers to precisely replicate your services anywhere in the world, to build either their own brand or yours.

Read more about the communication platform that formed World Dating Partners and find out how we helped them grow into a multi-million pound global business.

Communication Platform

The white label solution “World Dating Partners” was Datech's first client. Established in 2001, they asked us to develop a complete white label business-to-business communication platform.
Subsequently the white label matching platform called World Dating Partner (“WDP”) www.worlddatingpartners.com  launched 6 months later with the following capabilities:

  • Fully customisable business-to-business front end website
  • Partner sign-up and log-in interface
  • Advanced white label-able match platform, customisable according to a client's individual needs
  • Sophisticated ‘Business Control Centre’ which enables its clients to run analytics reports, track performance, customise their front end and optimise their sites for search engines
  • Data collection
  • Highly effective customer segmentation and profiling for developing niche sites
  • Powerful profile matching technology
  • Database integration
  • Standalone, web based messenger tool
  • Seamless customer service integration
  • Failsafe payment processing
  • Lucrative two tier business-to-business partner programme

WDP is today the world’s largest white label solution for people matching, communication and dating.

Making way for other verticals

World Dating Partners is recognised as the world's largest and most advanced white label communication
software provider. They have a growing network of over 16 thousand partners, 21 million members and turn over millions of pounds annually. Currently growing at a rate of over 8% every month, they are forecasting growth to further increase at a rate of 25% per month over the coming year.
The important in this development was not however to diversify with dating or communication as base. Inevitably this made way for further-developing white label solutions also in our verticals.

Datech is today in 2011 capable of serving full solutions for financial technical platforms, trading with multicurrency from and for any part of the world and in any language. Our core communication software is a bridge solution between existing banking solution and servers, and additional features that we provide, serve or assist in bridging, creating a tailor-made product with white label capabilities.

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