Our Technology, Your Concept.


Cross vertical technology

Our multi-million pound system is built using Java and Spring Technology which provides an extremely robust and secure engine that is capable of almost anything. Our cross vertical technology is completely scalable and can be used on any platform in any market from dating to auctions. Click here to visit our verticals page to find out more.

Multi Language and Multi Currency

Our proprietary customer database makes it possible to obtain highly detailed customer information, enabling you to carry out sophisticated profiling and streamline audiences based on multiple criteria including age, sex, hobbies and interests. This allows you to create any niche either geographically, by interest or by any other criteria that you specify.

We can integrate with any language, currency and any reputable payment provider. Our platform currently supports 42 currencies in addition to our mobile payment options.

Reporting and Analytics

Our system makes it possible to run exceptionally detailed reports in real-time via a user friendly interface, plus you can easily integrate our reports with your own. You have complete control over your front end so that you can fully customise layout and graphics to your own requirements.

Multi-way communication platform

The software is not solely a technical solution for a certain vertical, as explained before. The core software enables the possibility for utilizing the current solution in multi-way communication as opposed to two-way communication between server and client. By preparing the solution to have the possibility for adaption for multi dimension parameters, we have now a technical platform with layers of software ready for financial systems and banking.

White label capabilities

Already from the start in 2001 the basic idea was to create a platform that could interpret and communicate in several layers independently. This generated the idea of white labelling the specific communication solution using centralized database for all multi dimensional communication. In this fashion we then subsequently fairly saved many hours in development since adjustment for other verticals was already a criterion, and enabled in the core software.

This possibility is now fantastic for 2012 and 2013 as we are receiving increased requests for financial and trading solutions for the International market and from major institutions. Knowing we have been prepared for this for a decade, the future looks very promising for Datech Limited.