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Speed to Market Vertical for Entry into Any Market

Datech Limited, listed by Companies House as being in the top 2% of the UK's fastest growing companies, has today announced that it is able to offer third parties a completely bespoke White Label system for use in any market.

The Datech system is truly unrivalled, and as a result, is attracting major brands from every sector. From high trafficked online brands to large media corporations, everyone, it seems, wants a piece of the action.

Why exactly is this? The answer is simple. Datech's software is 100% recession resistant. What company is not looking to monopolize in a declining marketplace? Investment institutions and forward thinking organisations now have an unprecedented opportunity to offset declining properties within their portfolios.

Another unique benefit of Datech's highly robust and flexible system is the exceptional speed at which it can be brought to market. Moreover, it can be used to create White Labelled sites in any niche, market, currency, geography or language. Plus its two-tier structure even enables your business-to-business customers to precisely replicate your services anywhere in the world.

A proven success, Datech's system is employed by World Dating Partners, the international leader in the highly competitive and lucrative dating market. World Dating Partners has a shared database of over 21 million members worldwide and over 16,000 partners, and offers turnkey solutions to any company that wishes to generate substantial incremental revenues from the dating market. Currently growing at a rate of 8% every month, World Dating Partners is forecasting growth to further increase at a rate of 25% per month over the coming year.

With recession already affecting many parts of the globe, Datech is carrying out extensive market research alongside the ‘Research Company’ to identify and focus on the world's most lucrative vertical markets over the coming years. Initial research already shows that markets that are continuing to grow during the onset of the recession include recruitment, cashback services and rental accommodation.

Datech's system can be built around all of these services, and many more, extremely quickly. The system itself is available immediately to companies who wish to rapidly compensate for declining properties within their portfolios via a system that can yield rapid returns, exceptional growth and worldwide coverage.

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